It’s time we gave college students what they need for success in life by Greg Twemlow

Stumbling through life without the right skills is like walking blindfolded into a minefield

In Australia, a new style of teaching young people designed specifically to equip students with the skills to not just cope, but the life-skills to prosper, are being taught with great results.

Everyone enthusiastically discusses listicles

and Why it can only be 9

it’s never too early to start testing, but do you test knowledge or attitude?

Like most people, you have probably experienced the disappointment of a poor test result and the shame of having your result paraded to the entire cohort.

“Charlie Smart @charlie_smart_Nov 7 Amazing work by @wallacetim @larrybuch @SarahAlmukhtar
turning my dumb little web sketch into this gorgeous page”

Greg Twemlow

sharing what I’ve learned from 35 years as a citizen-of-the-world, parent, corporate executive, entrepreneur and since 2018, CEO of a registered charity

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