In Australia, a new style of teaching young people designed specifically to equip students with the skills to not just cope, but the life-skills to prosper, are being taught with great results.

For many children around the world today, the education they receive is insufficient and incompatible with the ‘real world’.

That’s not the fault of teachers and they too have endured a system that graduates teachers via a process that has little to do with the life-skills they need, rather, it’s a process that prepares teachers to follow curricula that in some cases haven’t changed for 100 years.

The world today is in a fast-paced state of constant change, with this acceleration there is a growing complexity of social and technological processes which result in new and currently unresolved issues directly…

When SEVENmile Venture Lab Founder and CEO, Greg Twemlow, set up a pilot program called Enterprise in the Local Community, for students at a local high school, he was stunned at the response the program received. “We were so proud of the students as they presented their concepts,” he recalls. “Clearly, we had hit a chord with today’s youth.”

As part of the course, based on the Life-Skills Schema, students listen to local business owners explain the problem they need to be solved, identify needs, collaborate, analyze business problems, build solution frameworks, create pathways, create presentation decks, and pitch their…

Take control of the 3 realities that shape your life

We know that life isn’t a dress rehearsal for a final act that magically delivers everything we thought we wanted.

The 3 Realities that Shape Our Lives

The first reality is that you could reflect on your situation relative to the womb that birthed you into this world. Something we all have zero control over. (see Warren Buffet’s famous remarks on this aspect of life at the end of this article.)

Even if you don’t buy Buffett’s idea that only government can alleviate certain forms of inequality, one thing that’s great about Buffett’s reality is his appreciation of luck and the realization that he won a lottery…

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Everyone enthusiastically discusses listicles

and Why it can only be 9

A portmanteau of “list” and “article”, listicles are incredibly popular and have saturated Internet publishing since about 2009 but were widely used for at least 100 years prior to 2009.

In fact, we are abused by listicles in mainstream journalism too.

Ranked lists are a mainstay of digital content publishing and can be found on most sites — from independent blogs to global media sites. For years, content publishers and online marketers have used ranked lists to drive traffic to their websites. Lists are highly shareable via social media, and other blogs and websites frequently write about and link to…

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poster by Jess X. Snow

“Hold in your mind the memory of the land as it is when you receive it. Preserve the land for all children and love it, as God loves us all. One thing we know, there is only one God; no man, be he red man or white man, can be apart. We are brothers, after all.” words of Chief Seattle, 1852

We think memory cannot see into nor through events of history. Such thinking is a convenient forgetting — the past infuses everything present.

Ancient memories of place seep into the contemporary psyches. Imagine inhabitants of an Australian river valley…

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it’s never too early to start testing, but do you test knowledge or attitude?

Like most people, you have probably experienced the disappointment of a poor test result and the shame of having your result paraded to the entire cohort.

The test results summary is made public and usually sorted high-to-low. The folks up top often gloating while the folks at the bottom look for a rock to crawl under.

A poor test result is often terribly demoralizing. It takes a high degree of resilience and maturity to cope with a deep sense of failure, even if you actually managed a Pass. And the younger the person coping with a poor result, the more likely they’ll internalize the stress and embarrassment.

Most countries continue to use standardized tests as a mechanism for admission and sorting and generally determining “suitability”.


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“Charlie Smart @charlie_smart_Nov 7 Amazing work by @wallacetim @larrybuch @SarahAlmukhtar
turning my dumb little web sketch into this gorgeous page”

For the past 4 years, there’s been strong speculation as to whether the 2016 election of Trump was the result of rare and unrepeatable circumstances.

That speculation was dispelled on November 3rd, 2020. We got a very clear signal that 2016 was no one-off. Rather we now know that Trump had used his first 4 years in office to great effect.

We’ll likely never know whether Trump and his advisors were sufficiently sophisticated to craft a Plan B so Machiavellian that they make the namesake look like a rank amateur.

Plan B is now perfectly clear. The Trump base is…

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And I’m going down
All the way
I’m on the highway to hell

I’m a spectator, observing the crumbling foundations of American democratic traditions that underpin the foundations and resilience of democracy globally.

We could think of democracy as an experiment, albeit one that emerged from the lab around 2500 years ago.

In the year 507 B.C., the Athenian leader Cleisthenes introduced a system of political reforms that he called demokratia, or “rule by the people” (from demos, “the people,” and kratos, or “power”). It was the first known democracy in the world.

Cleisthenes “rule by the people” ideal is under serious threat in the 21st century.

As the 20th century closed out…

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Whirling Colour (2019), Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

Few things in life are as vital as an ability to influence others. To help the listener make the leap of faith that you’re asking for is a daily challenge for all of us.

“The limitation on language, to the communicator, is that the hearer must make that leap of imagination.” Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership

Robert Greenleaf is a famous American corporate leadership philosopher who espoused that true leadership is about lifting the capabilities of the people who report to you. That is, you are the servant of the people you manage. …

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The for-profit company you work for is guaranteed to corrupt at least 20% of its employees.

I say at least 20% because the employees who are rewarded for their contribution to profit will be prepared to betray almost anything close to ethics and morals to hit their targets and bank their bonus.

Profit addicts are the ultimate bulls. This year’s profit can be so much greater next year.

Profit has that kind of corruptive, addictive effect on people — from the very top, down to any employees for whom income is tied to corporate revenue and profit.

And profit is…

Greg Twemlow

sharing what I’ve learned from 35 years as a citizen-of-the-world, parent, corporate executive, entrepreneur and since 2018, CEO of a registered charity

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