AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© Webinar

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The “AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook©” webinar focuses on a structured approach to learning about AI, its capabilities, and effective prompt styles. The webinar is typically delivered to a minimum of five people. Contact the designer, Greg Twemlow, for more information.

There are three “AI Unpacked” Webinars.

Webinar 1: AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook©
Focus: Basic understanding of AI, its capabilities, and general
Webinar 2: AI Unpacked: Crafting with Context Playbook©
Focus: Delve into the importance of context in AI interactions. This
session explores how context influences AI responses and the
nuances of using AI in different scenarios.
Webinar 3: AI Unpacked: AI Mastery Playbook©
Focus: Advanced techniques in prompt design and strategic
applications of AI. This final session equips attendees with the skills
to utilize AI in their professional contexts effectively.

AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© Webinar by Greg Twemlow at
AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© Webinar by Greg Twemlow at

The main themes of the webinar include:

Understanding AI’s Role and Potential: The introduction sets the stage by emphasizing AI’s transformative power and its capacity to redefine productivity and creativity across various domains.

AI Class Division: It highlights the emergence of an “AI class” — individuals who leverage AI effectively to become more strategic, creative, and less burdened by mundane tasks. This section underscores the democratizing yet stratifying effect of AI technology.

Knowledge Domains in AI: The presentation categorizes AI knowledge into three domains — public, corporate, and personal, illustrating the breadth of AI’s applicability and impact.

Technological Superiority of AI Tools: A preference for ChatGPT is explained through its developmental history, unique features, and comparison with other AI platforms like Google’s Gemini and Microsoft CoPilot.

Learning Curve and AI Leverage: The document discusses the steep learning curve associated with AI but counters this by showcasing the unprecedented leverage AI provides in enhancing human cognitive capabilities and operational efficiency.

Concept of Breakout Autonomy: This concept is introduced as a strategy to harness AI for transformative ambitions, advocating for a significant leap in capabilities and strategic positioning through AI adoption.

Prompt Guide Summary

The Prompt Guide focuses on crafting effective AI prompts across various use-cases and prompt styles, with a structured approach to maximizing AI’s utility. The use-cases and main prompt styles include:

Knowledge Acquisition: Crafting prompts to extract specific information or explanations from AI, demonstrating AI’s role as an expansive knowledge repository.
Creative Generation: Leveraging AI to produce creative outputs, such as stories or innovative ideas, showcasing AI’s capacity for creative thinking.
Analytical Insights: Using AI to analyze data or situations, providing strategic insights or solutions, and highlighting AI’s analytical prowess.

Main Prompt Styles

Input-Output Prompting: Simple question-answer prompts that seek direct responses from AI.

Chain-of-Thought Prompting: More conversational prompts that guide AI through a logical sequence of thoughts to generate more nuanced responses.

Chain-of-Thought Prompting with Self-Consistency: This advanced style involves providing specific directions and comparison criteria to refine AI’s responses, ensuring consistency and depth in the output.

Additional Insights

The AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© webinar collectively advocates for a strategic and thoughtful engagement with AI technologies. They present a vision where AI becomes an integral part of human intellectual and operational frameworks, enhancing capabilities across all levels of work and creativity. This vision aligns with the broader educational goals of empowering individuals to navigate and harness the potential of AI effectively.

By emphasizing the importance of prompt crafting, the materials aim to improve immediate interactions with AI and instill a deeper understanding of AI’s operational mechanisms. This approach fosters a more profound respect for the technology’s capabilities and limitations, guiding users toward more meaningful and productive use of AI tools.

This overview of AI Unpacked: An Introductory Playbook© webinar encapsulates the core themes and teachings of the “AI Unpacked” webinar series, highlighting its value as a comprehensive introduction to AI’s current and potential impact on society, work, and personal development.

Through strategic prompt crafting and an understanding of AI’s diverse applications, attendees are equipped to explore the vast possibilities AI offers, making the investment in the webinar both worthwhile and forward-thinking.

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Founder of Future Skills Studio.

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