Capitalism is Past its Use-By-Date

Greg Twemlow
2 min readDec 11, 2023


The Unquestioned Paradigm of Capitalism

Commonly portrayed as the default economic system in our global narrative, Capitalism’s ethical and moral foundations rarely undergo serious scrutiny. Despite serving a minuscule proportion of the world’s population — with the wealthiest 1% controlling half of the world’s wealth — the system’s legitimacy remains largely unchallenged. This complacency raises a fundamental question: Why do so few question the ethics of a system that blatantly favors the few over the many?

The Experiment of Capitalism and Its Discontents

Capitalism is a relatively recent experiment in the grand scheme of human history. Its impacts and outcomes are well-documented, yet despite its evident flaws, there is a collective inertia to discontinue the experiment. The concentration of 50% of global wealth in the hands of just 1% of the population is a glaring testament to its failure to deliver equitable wealth distribution. How can such a system perpetuating vast inequalities be deemed successful or sustainable?

the World’s 25 richest families control $2trillion of wealth by Greg Twemlow
the World’s 25 richest families control $2trillion of wealth

Capitalism — Immoral and Unethical

The moral bankruptcy of Capitalism is starkly evident in its disregard for the majority. It’s a system that exacerbates social and economic divides, rewarding greed and power at the expense of the common good. The ethics of Capitalism deserve to be questioned more rigorously, especially considering its role in deepening global inequalities and environmental degradation.

The Political Implications of Capitalism

The potential re-election of Donald Trump in 2024 is the epitome of Capitalism’s influence on politics. His presidency symbolizes the ultimate triumph of capitalist values over democratic ideals, potentially leading to dire consequences for the American political system. This scenario, where the wealthiest and most powerful dictate political outcomes, could signify a point of no return, fundamentally altering the course of democracy in America.

It’s Time to Rethink Capitalism

The need to critically reassess Capitalism is more urgent than ever. A system that enriches a tiny minority while the majority struggles is not just economically flawed; it’s morally indefensible. Eearth’s future and its inhabitants’ well-being require a fundamental shift in understanding and practicing economics. A move towards a more equitable, transparent, and accountable system is not just desirable; it’s essential for the survival and prosperity of current and future generations.

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Co-Founder of Future Skills Studio.

Future Skills Studio Co-Founder, Greg Twemlow

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