Contextual Authenticity is Essential to AI Interactions — create your “Custom Context CV©”

Greg Twemlow
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This article serves as a Priority Date for the Claim of Copyright by Greg Twemlow for the phrase “Custom Context Cv©” (C³) dated March 25, 2024, Sydney, Australia

Introduction: The Digital Facade and the Role of Authenticity

It’s easy to consciously or subconsciously blur the lines between reality and the polished images we craft for the world. As we curate personas that reflect who we want to be rather than who we are, crucial questions emerge: Does this digital facade accurately reflect my depth, struggles, and aspirations? How can AI provide helpful responses if it lacks accurate context?

The Problem: Authenticity vs. Curated Personas

This dissonance between our authentic selves and the personas we project creates a gap. This gap becomes particularly significant when we engage with generative AI (GenAI). The essence of meaningful AI interaction lies in the AI’s ability to tailor advice, insights, and opportunities to our unique contexts. However, when the context is fiction or a dream removed from our reality, we are set up for failure — a failure too often attributed to AI’s limitations rather than the inauthenticity of the context provided.

for AI to serve us best, it must understand us — not just as professionals but as whole individuals navigating life in the 21st-century.

Introducing the Solution: The Custom Context Cv© or C³

Enter the C³, a concept devised by Greg Twemlow to outline a holistic context and anchor us back to our authentic narrative. The C³ is a call for honesty and self-awareness, urging us to embrace our journey, including the peaks and the valleys. It’s about creating a contextually accurate profile that transcends the facade of perfection, offering AI a comprehensive snapshot of our authentic selves.

This article serves as a Priority Date for the Claim of Copyright by Greg Twemlow for the phrase “Custom Context Cv©” (C³) dated March 25, 2024, Sydney, Australia

The Power of the C³: Enabling Personalized and Meaningful AI Interactions

The true strength of the C³ lies in its ability to serve as a foundation for personalized and meaningful interactions with AI. By providing AI with an authentic overview of our skills, experiences, and, importantly, the hurdles we currently face, we enable a level of support and guidance that’s deeply impactful.

The Custom Context Cv©, offers a tailored approach to personal and professional development interactions with AI, presenting a compelling alternative to relying solely on ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions. While Custom Instructions allow users to set parameters or guidelines for AI interactions, the C³ provides a comprehensive and dynamic profile of an individual’s professional journey, aspirations, challenges, and personal insights. This depth enables AI to understand and engage with the user’s context, ensuring that the guidance and insights offered are profoundly personalized and relevant.

The C³ encompasses a broader spectrum of the user’s life and goals, going beyond the scope of singular interactions or instructions. It embeds the user’s narrative into every interaction, facilitating customization and relevance in AI responses that Custom Instructions alone can’t achieve. By anchoring AI interactions in the rich, multifaceted narratives captured by the C³, individuals can unlock more meaningful, impactful, and transformative experiences, making the C³ a preferred tool for those seeking to maximize the benefits of their engagements with AI.

An Important Caveat re Authenticity

Using a “nom de plume,” or a pseudonym, is recommended to maintain privacy while interacting with AI, especially when sharing your C³ or engaging in sensitive discussions. This strategy can help anonymize your identity, providing a layer of protection for personal information while still allowing for personalized AI interactions. You don’t need to think of a Pseudonym; ask your AI.

Prompt for AI to Suggest a Pseudonym:

“I’m seeking a creative and memorable pseudonym for professional and personal development interactions, including engaging with AI platforms. I want to ensure my privacy and avoid biases. The pseudonym should be gender-neutral and culturally ambiguous. It should also be easy to remember and spell but distinctive enough to stand out. Can you generate a list of five pseudonyms that fit these criteria?”

ChatGPT response: Certainly, here are five pseudonyms that fit your criteria:

Alexi Nova

Jordan Quinn

Morgan Sage

Taylor Phoenix

Casey Vail

Using a Generic Company Description

It’s equally wise when referencing your company name in your C³ or discussions with AI, to consider the following generic descriptors that broadly categorize the nature, size, or sector of your organization:

  • SMB (Small and Medium Business): This indicates a small to medium-sized enterprise that might face unique scalability, resource, and market challenges.
  • Corporate: This suggests a more significant multinational organization that could focus on issues of corporate governance, strategy, and international operations.
  • Government: This refers to the public sector or government-related entities, where considerations around policy, public service, and regulation are prevalent.
  • NGO (Non-Governmental Organization): Implies operation within the non-profit sector, focusing on social, environmental, or humanitarian objectives.
  • Startup: Indicates a new, often innovative business facing challenges related to growth, funding, and market penetration.
  • Educational Institution: Suggests issues or strategies related to education, student engagement, and academic administration.

A Call to Authenticity

Embracing the C³ concept is a declaration of commitment to transparency. It allows us to navigate our paths grounded in truth and resilience. It cultivates a culture that values authenticity and meaningful progress, challenging us to reconsider the relationship between our digital personas and authentic selves.

Your C³ Future Powered by Authenticity

Keep front-of-mind that your C³ is between you and your AI. There’s no reason to be anything other than completely transparent. As we progress through life, the C³ guides us to authenticity, reminding us of the strength in owning our stories — imperfections and all. It invites us to a journey where our professional identity reflects our evolving self, celebrating authenticity and empowering us to unlock our full potential.

Reimagining AI Engagement Through the Lens of Authenticity

The journey toward leveraging AI to change outcomes begins with a commitment to authenticity. If we can embrace our authentic selves and reflect this in our engagements with AI, we unlock unparalleled possibilities for growth, learning, and fulfilment. The C³ project offers a visionary path forward, redefining the essence of meaningful AI interactions and setting a new standard for engaging with technology.

Example C³ — Alexi Nova’s C³: The Visionary Leader

  • Name: Alexi Nova
  • Current Role: Founder and CEO of a US-based, medium-sized Sustainability consulting company with a subsidiary in the EU.
  • Personal: I am 42 years old, married, and have two children, ages 7 and 3. I live with my husband in the Bay Area.

What is a C³? — so your AI understands how to use your C³

A C³ is how I can share my personal Context with you. It’s like a detailed Custom Instructions.

The true strength of the C³ lies in its ability to serve as a foundation for personalized and meaningful interactions with AI. By providing AI with an authentic overview of our skills, experiences, and, importantly, the hurdles we currently face, we enable a deeply impactful level of support and guidance.


  • Leadership in sustainable technology development and implementation
  • Strategic partnerships, fundraising, and global market expansion
  • Public speaking, advocating for climate action and green technologies


  • Visionary thinking with the ability to conceptualize and implement innovative solutions for sustainable technology
  • Strong communicator, capable of inspiring teams and stakeholders towards a common goal
  • Resilient problem-solver, adept at navigating complex challenges and driving forward progress

Areas for Growth:

  • Deepening knowledge of emerging sustainable technologies and their application in developing markets
  • Enhancing financial acumen better to navigate the risks and opportunities of rapid business scaling
  • Cultivating emotional intelligence to foster a more inclusive and supportive company culture

Values and Beliefs:

  • Commitment to sustainability and ethical innovation as the foundation of all business practices
  • Belief in the power of technology to create positive environmental change
  • Advocacy for diversity and inclusion within the tech industry and beyond

Vision for the Future:

  • To position GreenTech Innovations as a global leader in providing sustainable technology solutions that address critical environmental challenges
  • To influence global policies and practices towards more sustainable and ethical technology development and use

Challenges Overcome:

  • Overcoming initial resistance to green technologies in traditional markets through strategic education and partnership initiatives
  • Navigating the transition from a startup to a scaleup, balancing growth with sustainability principles

Mentorship and Influence:

  • Actively mentors young women in STEM, providing guidance and support to the next generation of female leaders in technology
  • Influences industry standards and practices through participation in global sustainability forums and initiatives

Collaborative Projects:

  • Led a multinational project team to develop and launch a groundbreaking clean water technology initiative, significantly impacting water scarcity solutions

Impact Initiatives:

  • Founded an annual GreenTech Innovation Award to recognize and support startups developing sustainable technologies in emerging economies

Learning Pathways:

  • Completed an executive education program in Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Plans to enrol in a course on Advanced Financial Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Personal Milestones:

  • Successfully scaled GreenTech Innovations from a local startup to an international player in the sustainable technology space
  • Advocated for and helped implement a significant policy change in renewable energy incentives at the national level

Personal Interests:

  • Environmental advocacy, particularly in the realms of clean water access and renewable energy
  • Hiking and nature photography, exploring and documenting the world’s natural beauty and diversity

Example Prompt:

  1. Reflect on my <<C³>> detailed below.
  2. Given the challenges and goals outlined in my C³, consider how I can sustainably achieve and manage our planned expansion.

<<C³>> (paste your C³ below)

Optional C³ Headings

Personal Traits:

  • Describing inherent traits such as neurodivergence, introversion, extroversion, etc., can offer AI valuable context on preferred communication styles, work environments, and support needs.

Work Preferences:

  • Detailing preferred work settings (remote, in-office, hybrid), team dynamics (independent, collaborative), and project types (long-term, short-term, project-based) can help AI suggest opportunities and strategies aligned with these preferences.

Cultural Considerations:

  • Including information on cultural background or significant cultural influences can enhance understanding of an individual’s values, communication styles, and community engagement, informing more culturally sensitive AI interactions.

Life Events:

  • Sharing significant life events (relocations, career breaks, significant achievements outside of work) offers a fuller picture of the individual’s journey and reflects resilience, adaptability, and personal growth.

Health and Wellness:

  • For those comfortable sharing, including physical or mental health aspects can be pivotal, especially if these factors influence work preferences, stress management strategies, or the need for specific accommodations.

Community Involvement:

  • Detailing involvement in community organizations, volunteer work, or advocacy highlights a commitment to social impact and can indicate areas of passion and leadership outside of the professional sphere.

Learning Styles:

  • Understanding an individual’s preferred learning methods (visual, auditory, experiential) can help AI recommend tailored learning resources, courses, and development opportunities.

Inspirations and Role Models:

  • Identifying people, movements, or philosophies that inspire or influence individuals can provide insights into their aspirations, ethics, and motivations.

Hobbies and Passions:

  • Including hobbies and passions can illuminate creativity, curiosity, and personal fulfilment, contributing to a holistic understanding of the individual.

Adaptability and Change Management:

  • Understanding how individuals navigate change and adapt to new situations can inform AI on resilience levels and preferences for stability or variety in professional contexts.

Implementing Optional Headings

When integrating these optional headings into a C³, it’s important to approach them as just that — optional. You should feel empowered to include Optional Headings you are comfortable sharing and what you believe will most effectively inform AI interactions and personal reflections. The key is balance; the more personalized and comprehensive the context provided, the more tailored and effective AI responses can be. However, this must be weighed against personal privacy preferences.

Expanding your C³ with these optional headings will enable more nuanced and compelling AI interactions. This ensures that AI's advice and opportunities are deeply aligned with your professional goals and challenges and your entire being. This approach reinforces the notion that for AI to serve us best, it must understand us—not just as professionals but as whole individuals navigating life in the 21st century.

This article serves as a Priority Date for the Claim of Copyright by Greg Twemlow for the phrase “Custom Context Cv©” (C³) dated March 25, 2024, Sydney, Australia

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Co-Founder of Future Skills Studio and Member Medium 200-Club.

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This article serves as a Priority Date for the Claim of Copyright by Greg Twemlow for the phrase “Custom Context Cv©” (C³) dated March 25, 2024, Sydney, Australia



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