Exploring a New Revenue Frontier for HR Consultants — create a “GenAI Growth Studio©”

Greg Twemlow
4 min readMar 20, 2024

This article serves as a priority date for the claim of Copyright for the phrase “GenAI Growth Studio©”. Greg Twemlow March 20, 2024, Sydney Australia.

As I ponder the landscape of the GenAI workplace, I realise that my understanding of HR consultants’ role in this new era has been reshaped.

The journey into the realm of AI is not just about adaptation and integration; it is about unlocking an immense, untapped revenue potential for HR consultancies. This narrative is not merely a reflection of the future of work; it is a clarion call to HR consulting professionals everywhere to seize an unprecedented opportunity.

Copyright for the phrase “GenAI Growth Studio©” and symbol. Greg Twemlow March 20, 2024, Sydney Australia
Copyright for the phrase “GenAI Growth Studio©” and symbol. Greg Twemlow March 20, 2024, Sydney Australia

Welcome to GenAI Growth Studio©: At the heart of every technological revolution lies a fundamental truth — the actual value of innovation is unleashed not just through the technology itself but through the empowerment of those who use it. Now that we’re all immersed in a new era shaped by Generative AI (GenAI), the potential for transformative change within our workplaces is immense. However, realising this potential hinges on a critical factor: the agency of our employees.

I’ve designed the “GenAI Growth Studio©” concept, believing that GenAI is not just a tool for efficiency or a solution to complexity but a catalyst for human potential. HR Consultants transform passive users into active innovators, problem-solvers, and creators by empowering employees with the understanding, skills, and confidence to harness AI, which realises the actual value of GenAI, creating the opportunity for new revenue streams.

My mission is to guide HR Consulting businesses through this transformative journey, ensuring they integrate AI into workplace operations as a technical upgrade and a strategic enhancement of human agency. Elevating employees’ roles—from operators to collaborators, from followers to leaders—unlocks a new paradigm of growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

An Exciting New Frontier in HR Consulting

The integration of GenAI into business operations represents a seismic shift in how organisations approach productivity, innovation, and competitiveness. Yet, beneath this transformation lies an uncharted territory of revenue generation for HR consultants. The necessity for businesses to adapt and thrive in the AI era opens vast avenues for consultancies to offer specialised services in AI implementation, staff retraining, and ethical use of AI. Supporting this seismic adaptation is the untold story of how HR consultants can become the architects of a new revenue landscape.

Redefining Value

The journey begins with a fundamental redefinition of value. Rewriting Position Descriptions to incorporate AI, ensuring access to uptodate prompt engineers, and formulating comprehensive AI training programs are not just operational necessities; they are the pillars of a new value proposition that HR consultants can offer their clients. Each of these services represents a distinct revenue stream tightly linked to the successful integration of AI into business operations.

In 2024, There’s a Strategic Imperative for HR Consultants

As I engage with clients, guiding them through the complexities of adapting to AI, I underscore the strategic imperative of this transition. HR consultancies are uniquely positioned to lead the rollout of GenAI in their client’s organisations, offering a suite of services that ensure a smooth transition into AI-powered operations, and opening new revenue channels. From strategic AI integration planning to continuous learning programs and ethical AI frameworks, the opportunities for HR consultants to expand their offerings — and their revenue — are significant.

A Call to Transformation

The revelation of GenAI as a catalyst for revenue growth in HR consulting compels a transformative approach to your services. It demands that you adapt to the new demands of the AI era and proactively shape your offerings to capture the financial opportunities it presents. This transformation extends beyond the operational — it is a strategic reimagining of the HR consultancy business model aligned with AI’s ascendance.

Seizing the Opportunity

My key message to HR consultants is that implementing GenAI into business operations is not just a challenge to be met but an opportunity to seize. It’s a classic Kairos* moment.

This is the moment to expand your vision and envision your consultancy as a GenAI Growth Studio©, a provider of GenAI HR services, and a leading force in the business world’s AI transformation. The revenue potential is vast, limited only by your willingness to embrace a new paradigm and lead your clients into the future.

The Future is Now

My purpose transcends the mechanics of integrating AI into the workplace. I aim to illuminate a path for HR consultants to a future brimming with new opportunities. In this future, you are the stewards of change, guiding businesses through the AI revolution and realising the financial rewards of your foresight and expertise. This narrative is not just my story; it is our collective future, a testament to the transformative power of HR consulting in the age of GenAI.

*Kairos (Ancient Greek: καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘the right or critical moment’.

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Co-Founder of Future Skills Studio and Member Medium 200-Club.

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