Rethinking AI: Why It’s Time to Flip the Standard Perspective to CollaborareAI©

Greg Twemlow
8 min readMar 26, 2024

This article serves as a priority date for the claim of Copyright of the term CollaborareAI © dated March 27, 2024, Sydney, Australia. The term emphasizes the strategic partnership that is central to my vision.

TL;DR — My CollaborareAI© article carries several potent revelations. Distilling them to the most significant, I propose three core insights that stand out for their transformative potential, and if they feel logical, please read the full article:

  1. Collaboration Over Utilization: The first and perhaps most profound revelation is that AI has been redefined from a mere tool to an active collaborator. This represents a fundamental shift in how we perceive and interact with AI, urging us to engage with these systems for efficiency and as partners in intellectual and creative pursuits.
  2. The Bridge Metaphor: The second critical insight is the bridge metaphor, symbolizing the transition from a structured educational environment to the unstructured, AI-integrated reality of professional and personal life. This metaphor powerfully conveys the necessity of a learning journey and the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in the modern world.
  3. AI as an Intellectual Amplifier: The third revelation is the concept of “AI IQ Expansion” — the idea that AI can significantly extend the range of human cognition, akin to an “IQ Booster.” This metaphor challenges the traditional view of human intellect as a fixed capacity, proposing that collaboration with AI can unlock new dimensions of thought and problem-solving capabilities.

These three insights intertwine to deliver a vision of the future where human-AI collaboration is integral to unlocking the full spectrum of human potential, redefining education, and shaping a society that values continuous growth and ethical engagement with technology.

Reflecting on my journey with artificial intelligence (AI), I’ve realized it is outside the conventional discourse surrounding AI adoption. Initially, my thoughts revolved around being “aware whether you’re within or beyond an AI’s capabilities,” a perspective that, while seeming logical, inadvertently boxed me into thinking solely about workflows and capabilities.

However, my perspective shifted dramatically as I reflected more deeply on AI’s essence and potential to transform our approach to cognition and creativity.

I now see AI not merely as a tool or an adjunct to our human efforts but as a collaborator in the truest sense. Suppose you limit your thinking to leveraging AI to streamline processes or enhance productivity. That approach misses the most outstanding value AI can deliver. The crucial truth is that AI is about entering a partnership where human and artificial intelligence co-evolve, collaborating and pushing each other to explore previously unreachable realms.

This realization has profoundly altered how I view my interactions with AI.

Imagine walking a long way over a plain of grass and standing before an ancient stone bridge that gracefully arcs over a stream and connects you with a lush forest. I often use this bridge as a metaphor to illustrate the journey of learning and integrating AI into our lives and work.

Imagine walking a long way over a plain of grass and standing before an ancient stone bridge that gracefully arcs over a stream and connects you with a lush forest metaphor by Greg Twemlow
The bridge metaphor powerfully conveys the necessity of a learning journey and the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in the modern world.

On the left bank, we have the traditional, structured world of everyday life — a place of order, rules, and clear paths. This is your school, university, or the familiar world of work where knowledge is imparted in a systematic and controlled manner. Crossing this bridge represents the learning curve we must navigate as we move towards the right bank, where the terrain changes dramatically.

The right bank is the unstructured reality of our modern world, brimming with AI’s potential. Here, the paths are not marked, and the environment is dynamic and ever-changing. It demands adaptability, creativity, and an open mind. AI awaits here, not as a fixed entity but as a fluid and powerful resource that can profoundly shape the landscape around us.

As we cross this bridge from the Non-AI to the AI side, we leave behind the confines of traditional life and step into a realm where learning is continuous and boundless. In this new world, AI becomes a partner in our exploration, helping us navigate the complexities of this uncharted territory. Here, humans and AI can realize their full collaborative potential — where humans + AI achieve more significant insights, solve more complex problems, and create with unimagined freedom and precision.

This metaphor is about the transition and how we must prepare for it. It’s a call to educational and corporate institutions to evolve and build bridges of their own that will carry learners into this new and exciting reality. It’s a reminder that the journey doesn’t end as you step off the bridge onto the right bank; it begins there. The actual test lies in applying and expanding upon what we’ve learned when we reach the other side — where structure gives way to a vast, fertile ground of possibility.

In my vision for the future, these bridges are crafted with the most vital knowledge, ethics, and philosophy materials. They guide us towards a future where AI is not a distant, intimidating force but an extension of our intellect and creativity. As we cross, we must carry with us the wisdom of the past, the knowledge of the present, and the vision for a future where technology and humanity enable growth and discovery.

The promise of AI lies in its capacity to democratize knowledge, make the wisdom of ages accessible to all, and transform our world’s raw data into understandable, actionable insights. It invites us to engage in a dynamic dialogue with the entirety of human knowledge, urging us to question, explore, and imagine.

It’s no longer about delineating tasks that fall within or outside AI’s current capabilities but about embracing AI as an integral partner in my intellectual and creative endeavors. In this collaborative partnership, AI and I co-create, learn from each other, challenge each other, and venture together into uncharted territories. Our dynamic relationship transcends the limitations of our capacities to unlock new potential.

Such a paradigm shift necessitates rethinking how we prepare ourselves and the next generation to engage with AI. It calls for education reform that goes beyond imparting technical proficiency. We can collaborate with AI to cultivate critical thinking, creativity, ethical reasoning, and an adaptive mindset — skills paramount for navigating the complexities of a future where human and AI collaboration is standard practice.

Moreover, this collaboration perspective brings ethical considerations to the forefront.

It compels us to consider our responsibilities as partners with AI, the biases we might inadvertently introduce, and the societal impacts of our joint creations. This perspective demands a proactive approach to ethical AI use, ensuring that our collaborations contribute positively to society and reflect our community’s shared values.

As I share these reflections, I invite you to join me in reimagining our relationship with AI. The future can’t be defined by tasks and capabilities but by the limitless potential of our collaboration with humanity’s most potent intellectual resource. That’s how you reach your full potential.

In embracing AI, we don’t cede our quest for knowledge; we amplify it. We open doors to previously unimaginable realms of thought and creativity, forging a future where human intellect and artificial intelligence chart the course of discovery. This is a call to recognize AI for the essence of what it represents: not just a tool or a collaborator but a gateway to the next chapter of human intellectual achievement.

Human-AI collaborative partnerships will shape a world where synergy amplifies our collective creativity, innovation, and ethical insight. This is not a technological or educational endeavor; it’s a profoundly philosophical journey — that holds the promise of a richer, more nuanced, and infinitely collaborative potential with the knowledge systems at our fingertips.

My bridge metaphor segues naturally into another concept I share — “AI as an IQ Booster.” This visual, featuring an extended IQ scale to include “AI IQ Expansion,” illustrates AI’s augmentative role in our cognitive processes. It’s crucial, however, to appreciate this expansion not in terms of numerical IQ scores but as a broadening of cognitive diversity and depth.

another concept I share — “AI as an IQ Booster.” This visual, featuring an extended IQ scale to include “AI IQ Expansion,” illustrates AI’s augmentative role in our cognitive processes by Greg Twemlow
AI as an Intellectual Amplifier by Greg Twemlow

We’re all participating in a new cognitive frontier. It’s essential to recognize that the future of intelligence is not solely human or artificial — it’s a confluence of both. With this recognition, I often present an image that encapsulates a profound truth about AI’s role in our lives: an “IQ Booster.”

This image, which I share when introducing AI to novices, features an IQ scale, historically rooted in tests from 1905, now extended beyond the highest measure to represent an “AI IQ Expansion.” It’s a potent symbol for AI’s augmented intelligence — not replacing our cognitive functions but enhancing and amplifying them.

Imagine your intelligence as a spectrum of capabilities. AI’s vast data processing, memory, and analytical abilities extend that spectrum. It’s like adding a vast array of new colors to an artist’s palette: the fundamental skills remain, but the potential for creation multiplies exponentially.

In this article, I’m not merely suggesting a partnership in which AI does the heavy lifting when discussing collaboration. I envision a future in which AI and human intelligence combine to create a supercharged cognitive toolkit I call CollaborareAI©. This toolkit enables people to tackle complexities beyond their current capacities, open unexplored avenues for innovation, and address global challenges with a newfound depth of insight.

In every sector, whether education, healthcare, or industry, embracing AI as a collaborator means elevating our intellectual baseline. We shift from a world where an individual’s IQ is a fixed point to one where it’s a dynamic range constantly expanding with AI’s input. Our minds’ limits no longer confine us, but we are free to explore possibilities once thought inaccessible.

My “IQ Booster” concept isn’t just a theoretical exercise; it’s a practical tool for redefining potential. It’s about harnessing AI’s power to expand our cognitive horizons, push the boundaries of creativity, and forge pathways to wisdom that cross the digital divide. As we chart this new territory, it’s crucial to approach AI with the respect and partnership it deserves — as an ally in our quest to understand and shape the world of tomorrow.

In the spirit of practical wisdom, let me offer some actionable insights. Collaborating with AI means starting with an open mindset, investing in lifelong learning to understand AI’s evolving capabilities, and actively participating in conversations about its role in society.

This article reinforces my concept of Breakout Autonomy©. It’s the idea that mastering AI unlocks a unique brand of independence bolstered by insights and tools that empower you to make impactful decisions and foster a resilient sense of self-reliance in our interconnected world. Breakout Autonomy© comprehends AI as more than a technological advance; it’s the key to unlocking a future where you develop the confidence to master your fate, equipped with the insights, tools, and support to make a powerful impact.

Breakout Autonomy© Pyramid Explained by Greg Twemlow

CollaborareAI © combines the traditional language of Latin with the modern concept of AI, highlighting the timeless value of collaboration in a cutting-edge context. The term is unique and descriptive, suggesting a sophisticated blend of human cooperation and artificial intelligence, emphasizing the strategic partnership that is central to my vision.

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Co-Founder of Future Skills Studio and Member of Medium 200-Club.

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