Seizing the Opportunity to Dump Trump and Break Fossil Fuel’s Grip Forever

Greg Twemlow
5 min readMay 16, 2024

A Kairos Moment: Seizing the Opportunity to Dump Trump and Break Fossil Fuel’s Grip Forever

DALL·E 2024–05–16 13.00.50 — A powerful illustration depicting a melting Earth held in the clutches of a businessman’s hand, symbolizing control and greed by Greg Twemlow

The Washington Post’s scoop last week that, at a dinner with oil-and-gas executives at Mar-a-Lago — according to people who attended — Donald Trump offered to reverse dozens of President Biden’s climate rules and regulations in return for a billion dollars in campaign money is just another example of utterly corrupt conduct by a man who rewrote the Corruption Rule-Book.

Trump’s #1 rule is simple: “Get me elected and you’ll be handsomely rewarded, no matter the cost to society and nature.”

The current political landscape presents an unprecedented opportunity to break the fossil fuel industry’s power forever. This is our Kairos moment — a critical juncture where timely action can yield transformative results. If Donald Trump is elected, the environmental progress achieved under President Biden will be undone, leading to catastrophic consequences for our planet. We need the will of a global collective to prevent Trump’s election.

The Trump Threat

Rollback of Climate Policies

  • Trump has pledged to reverse President Biden’s climate rules and regulations in exchange for campaign funds from the fossil fuel industry.
  • This includes ending the pause on LNG-export permits and dismantling policies on electric vehicles.

Fealty to Fossil Fuels

  • Trump’s allegiance to the fossil fuel industry is unwavering, demonstrated by his withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate accords.
  • The industry is already preparing executive orders for a potential Trump administration, aiming to fully exploit his presidency.

The Stakes are Too High

Climate Crisis

  • April marked the eleventh straight hottest month on record, emphasizing the urgency of climate action.
  • The next four years are pivotal for implementing the Inflation Reduction Act and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Technological Advancements

  • States like California have demonstrated that renewable energy can meet significant portions of electric demand, proving a viable alternative to fossil fuels.
  • The global decline in renewable energy costs makes transitioning from fossil fuels increasingly feasible.

The Call to Action

Reject Fossil Fuel Influence

  • Trump’s offer to be bribed should have been outright rejected by the fossil fuel industry, but their silence indicates financial consideration.
  • The public must reject this influence and demand accountability from industry and political leaders.

Mobilize Voters

  • People must recognize the magnitude of the environmental disaster that a second Trump term could bring.
  • Voters must prioritize climate action in the upcoming election to prevent irreversible damage.

Support Sustainable Policies

  • Imagine the progress if the US develops an entire network of car chargers by 2028 and constructs new federal housing without gas hookups.
  • A second Biden term could solidify these advancements and break the fossil fuel industry’s political influence.

The Urgency

This election represents a decisive moment in the fight against climate change. The fossil fuel industry’s potential financial backing of Trump poses an existential threat. Voters must understand the gravity of this situation and act decisively to protect our environment. The stakes are too high for complacency.

Seize this Kairos moment. Break the power of the fossil fuel industry forever.

Mobilizing Global Voices Against the Trump Doomsday Clock

The metaphor of a new “Doomsday Clock” counting down to November 5, 2024, perfectly captures the situation’s urgency. This election is not just a domestic issue for the United States; its outcome has serious global repercussions, particularly for the fight against climate change. As someone living in Sydney, Australia, I feel distant from the direct political fray. However, my actions can still have an impact.

What Can We Do

Amplify Your Voice Internationally

  • Write Articles and Post on LinkedIn: While it may feel like background noise, consistent messaging on influential platforms can reach a global audience. A unique perspective from outside the US can resonate with people who understand the global stakes.
  • Collaborate with International Environmental Groups: Partner with organizations like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and to amplify your message. These groups often have networks that extend into the US and can help disseminate your calls to action.

Engage in Digital Activism

  • Use Social Media Strategically: Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be powerful tools for raising awareness and mobilizing action. Create content that is visually engaging and shareable to reach a wider audience.
  • Participate in Online Campaigns: Join and promote online campaigns focused on US climate action and voter mobilization. Use hashtags that align with these movements to increase visibility.

Support US Environmental Advocacy Groups

  • Donate: Financially support US-based environmental advocacy groups working to influence the election. Your contributions can help fund campaigns that educate voters about the ecological stakes.
  • Volunteer: Many US organizations welcome international volunteers for phone banking, text banking, and other remote activities aimed at voter outreach.

Educate and Mobilize Your Network

  • Host Webinars and Discussions: Organize virtual events to discuss the global impact of the US election on climate change. Invite experts, activists, and concerned citizens to share insights and strategies.
  • Create Educational Content: Develop infographics, videos, and articles that explain the importance of the US election from a global perspective. Share these resources widely to inform and mobilize others.

Leverage Traditional Media

  • Write Op-Eds and Letters to Editors: Submit opinion pieces to major newspapers and magazines in the US and globally. Highlight the global implications of the election and urge American readers to vote with climate action in mind.
  • Participate in Interviews and Panels: Offer your expertise and perspective in media interviews and panel discussions. Use these platforms to stress the situation’s urgency and the need for international solidarity.

The Power of Global Solidarity

Your efforts and those of countless others worldwide can create a groundswell of support for climate action. By mobilizing voices globally, we can influence public opinion in the US and encourage American voters to prioritize the environment in the upcoming election. Every article, social media post, donation, and conversation contributes to a more significant movement transcending borders.

Remember, this is a Kairos moment — an opportunity to seize. Together, we can remove the battery from the Trump Doomsday Clock.

About the author: Greg Twemlow, Founder of Future Skills Studio.

Future Skills Studio Founder, Greg Twemlow

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