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Empowerment & Self-Driven Success for Gen Z©

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Z Summits-a movement towards a future where education transcends the classroom walls.

Z Summits© — Empowerment & Self-Driven Success for Gen Z© devised by Future Skills Studio
Z Summits© — Empowerment & Self-Driven Success for Gen Z©

Welcome to Z Summits, where Gen Z's energy, creativity, and potential converge with the transformative power of experiential learning.

Z Summits are not just events; they are incubators of the future, where young minds and dedicated educators come together to explore, create, and lead. The concept was designed by Greg Twemlow and Mitchell Filby, the Founders of Future Skills Studio and SEVENmile Ventures.

A Z Summit culminates from pedagogy, assessment, experiential learning, and the best team from each high school. Each Summit comprises 6–10 high school teams competing for prize money.

A Z Summit culminates from pedagogy, assessment, experiential learning, and the best team from each high school. Each Summit comprises 6–10 high school teams competing for prize money.
Z Summit — Each summit comprises 6–10 high school teams competing for prize money.

For Students: A Journey of Discovery and Empowerment

Students from Years 9 to 11 participate in a Z Summit and embark on an exhilarating journey. Here, they will uncover their passions, harness their creativity, and develop critical skills that transcend traditional learning. It’s an arena where their ideas take flight, their voices are amplified, and their potential is realized. Whether engaging in thought-provoking competitions, collaborating on innovative projects, or interacting with inspiring mentors, students will experience learning like never before.

For Educators: A Pathway to Professional Growth and Inspiration

Z Summits also present a unique opportunity for teaching staff to evolve alongside their students. Educators will gain access to cutting-edge pedagogical methods, collaborative teaching strategies, and a network of like-minded professionals passionate about shaping the future of education. By participating in Z Summits, teachers will guide their students in this exciting endeavor, refine their skills, discover new teaching approaches, and reignite their passion for education.

Role of Business Chambers

Business Chambers play a pivotal role in the success of Z Summits. As the connective tissue between the program and the local business community, these chambers serve as vital ambassadors. They are entrusted with the task of conveying the value and vision of Z Summits to potential sponsors and partners. By leveraging their extensive networks and influence, Business Chambers facilitate crucial introductions and discussions, ensuring that the program’s objectives align with the interests and goals of local businesses.

Benefits to Chambers

Participation in Z Summits offers substantial benefits to Business Chambers:

  1. Enhanced Community Visibility: By aligning with Z Summits, Chambers demonstrate their commitment to local youth and education, bolstering their standing in the community.
  2. Stronger Business Networks: Engagement in these events creates opportunities for businesses to connect, fostering a stronger, more collaborative local business environment.
  3. Role in Shaping Future Leaders: Chambers directly nurture the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs, contributing to the long-term vitality and sustainability of the local business landscape.

Process Overview

The engagement process is structured yet flexible:

  1. Identification of Potential Sponsors: Chambers use their networks to identify businesses that align with the values and goals of Z Summits.
  2. Presentation of Program Benefits: Chambers articulate the impact and opportunities of Z Summits, highlighting past successes and potential returns.
  3. Facilitation of Partnership Agreements: They act as mediators, helping to forge mutually beneficial relationships between the program and sponsors.

Expanded Sponsorship Opportunities

Levels of Sponsorship Z Summits offer a tiered sponsorship system, catering to different levels of investment and exposure:

  • Platinum Sponsorship: Designed for maximum visibility and engagement, including premier branding opportunities and exclusive access to events.
  • Gold Sponsorship: Offers substantial exposure and involvement, with significant branding and networking opportunities.
  • Silver Sponsorship: Provides sponsors with a valuable presence at events and acknowledgment in program materials.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsors of Z Summits enjoy a range of benefits:

  1. Marketing Exposure: Sponsors gain visibility across various platforms, including event materials, digital campaigns, and media coverage.
  2. Alignment with Educational Excellence: Sponsors are associated with a noble cause, enhancing their corporate image and demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Engagement: Participation in Z Summits fulfills CSR goals by directly contributing to youth development and education.
  4. Access to Talent: Sponsors meet talented students, providing a pipeline for future recruitment and fresh perspectives on business challenges.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Events offer platforms for sponsors to expand their business networks and engage with other community leaders.

Together: Building a Community of Future Leaders and Innovators

Z Summits are more than just competitions; they are a movement towards a future where education transcends the classroom walls. They foster a community of learners and leaders, thinkers and doers, dreamers and realists. By joining Z Summits, your school becomes a part of this transformative experience, contributing to and benefiting from a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge, innovation, and empowerment.

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